Fred's Sheds LLC
Fred's Sheds LLC
Custom Sheds & Other Outdoor Structures Built By Our Team of Local Amish Craftsmen! 315.552.4909
Custom Sheds & Other Outdoor Structures Built By Our Team of Local Amish Craftsmen! 315.552.4909

About Us

About Fred

Fred Knapp, Owner

Remember good old fashioned customer service? Fred strives to bring back the true meaning of customer service with prompt responses, strong work ethic and dependable results.


You'll work directly with Fred to have your custom outdoor structure built just the way you imagined!


Site visits are complimentary and help to ensure that any potential delivery obstacles are addressed before your delivery.

About Old Order Amish

Amish Horse & Buggy

Due to the cultural traditions of our Old Order Amish friends and craftsmen, we will not post pictures of them on our website. We do, however, wish to honor them and show our appreciation for their hard work by reserving this place for them on our website.

Ordering Your Structure


We work directly with a local Amish team to build your custom structure! Working with the Old Order Amish means that Fred cannot communicate your structure specs through the convenience of emails or phone calls. Once Fred takes your order, he personally drives the paperwork to his team of local Amish builders. Then he discusses your specs with them and they proceed to build your custom structure exactly as you've asked. Cutting out the middle-man means you pay less!


Protect yourself from paying extra! Some competitors claim to supply Amish-built structures, but they actually place your order with an out-of-state (or otherwise non-local) facility. If you're familiar with traditional Old Order Amish culture, you know they do not use modern technology such as telephones, computers, electricity, or cars. Calling or using a computer to place an order indicates that either the structure is not built by Old Order Amish craftsmen or there are layers of non-Amish facilitators in the process. That means you pay more!

Construction Process

Learn more about how our local Amish team will build your structure!

Made In New York State!

10% Discount for Military, Law Enforcement & First Responders

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Convenient Locations!

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  1. Lafayette
  2. Canastota
  3. Cortland

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Phone: 315.552.4909

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